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Pheromone cologne Chikara
Chikara Pheromone is also known as C7, after the number of pheromone compounds. Chikara is one of the most popular  pheromone cologne available on the Internet today. Chikara Pheromone product contains the three classic pheromones that are found in most pheromone colognes or perfumes . These are androstenol, androsterone and androstenone. Chikara pheromone product contains four new pheromones never before used in perfumery. Total guaranteed pheromone content per one bottle is 10 mg. Chikara cologne comes in a 15ml spray bottle.

Chikara pheromone cologne is scented with a light musk fragrance and it is applied to neck and other usual application spots (one or two sprays).

Chikara pheromones can be combined with The Edge,Alter Ego and NPA. Chikara is great on it's own, too!

Also, Chikara pheromone product is available in gel packs. Gel packs are non-oily and very easy to apply.

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